The face behind OSP

When people asked me what I wanted to do later, I always said: I want to help people. This can of course be interpreted in many ways. When I was allowed to take training during my first job, I knew what I wanted: when I grow up, I want my own training agency. In 2009 I realized my dream. The passion for this profession comes from working with different people. It is very satisfying when people have gained new insights at the end of a training program and go home with a good feeling and the employer is also satisfied with the results achieved. In addition to the training assignments, I have done several interim assignments over the years. Always with in mind helping an organization to achieve its objectives. That is also the reason why I worked for VNO-NCW for a number of years. Here too I was able to help entrepreneurs with their entrepreneurial issues. It is always important to think about the future. Abroad beckoned. In recent years I have helped entrepreneurs in different ways in different roles. It would be very cool to be able to do this abroad as well. After several conversations within and outside my network, the position of Chief Representative at the Netherlands Business Support Office in Houston, Texas came my way. After a number of good conversations with the people at home, we left in July 2015 with the family and four suitcases. For six years, Houston was our home and my workplace. I put Texas on the map in the Netherlands and many entrepreneurs have found their way to Texas. Important themes were: energy transition, water, life science & health and agriculture. The icing on the cake was Queen Maxima’s visit to Texas in 2022. During this visit I was allowed to act as her liaison. Since January 2021, I have been working at the Dutch Embassy in Washington DC as a Senior Advisor Infrastructure and Water Management, with a focus on Climate Adaptation and Water Management. In this position I primarily focus on connecting Dutch and American governments, knowledge institutes and companies to find solutions to water-related problems that threaten communities, economic capital and quality of life. My main motivators are: inspiring and guiding people and organizations to achieve the desired result. How can I help your organization? For more information, visit my LinkedIn page and read the testimonials from relations, customers and colleagues. How can I help your organization? Saskia Pardaans Owner OSP